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Full Restoration Projects


Often only second to buying a house, one of the biggest investment a car guy makes is a full vehicle restoration. it can be a delicate operation and without the correct guidance you could have to spend more than that house.


Wild Automotive have been involve in many award winning concourse standard restorations and custom creations. There are 2 major mistakes that are commonly made. One is to focus on the cheapest prices and quotes. In our experience it's when a build is budgeted on price alone you should double it to achieve the real cost as you will spend that money over again just fixing the problems that will arise in the following months and years after the restoration. The important thing is to get value in workmanship and quality through superior knowledge, and that's what you will receive at Wild Automotive.


When it comes time to plan your build come talk to us and you will see why Wild Automotive have done restorations for car guys from around the country.

Partial Restoration Projects


There are a few reasons why customers need a service that can pick up a car restoration at any point. We regularly receive a job once the inferior work has already done the damage to a customers muscle car. This represents a major challenge that we have risen too on many occasions and welcome you if you have found yourself in this situation.


The other common reason a partial restoration is called for is when a customer is working to a tight budget and cannot afford to commitment of a full restoration or the car simply has a trouble area with the rest of the car in good condition.


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