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Here are some of the questions we most frequently hear…


What is required to start a project?


After a full assessment of your vehicle, we will discuss what you wish to achieve and develop a detailed estimate for your project.  As the project progresses,  any changes will result in a change order and will be added to the original estimate after your approval. This process helps to eliminate “surprises” at the end of a build.  Payments are handled similar to a construction loan based on an agreed time period and draw to meet the desired time frame to completion.  Daily work is photo documented and uploaded to our web site each day.


How do I know my money won’t be used on another project?


All the monies received but not yet applied against work done will be maintained in a separate account not used for general business operations. Only when we order parts or apply weekly labor against your account will funds be transferred into the operating account. This ensures that your money is used for your project.


What happens if I need to stop or slow the pace of my project?


Give us as much notice as possible to changes needed in your project plan. We may have the opportunity to pace a project according to your needs and we will always make every effort to accommodate those needs. However, shop space is critical for us to operate our business as well as expensive to insure. Any project that is “inactive” will incur a monthly storage fee.


What is the difference between a Restoration vs. a Pro Street build?


Restoration and “Pro Street” but they are absolutely different builds. A restoration puts a car in the same condition as when it was brand new from the automobile dealer. A “Pro Street” build places some portions of the car as they were when the car was new, and modifies others. An example of a “Pro Street” would be a classic car that retains the original exterior and interior but has a modern or updated engine, transmission and suspension.

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